Venus in Libra

Kelli Fox

Venus in Libra: September 14th – October 8th

Busy Social Life

Under the influence of Venus in Libra, and depending on how it affects your personal birth chart, your social life could be in full swing. Gracious manners come naturally to you now, and your charms are irresistible. You easily attract friends and lovers and may find yourself to be quite popular, with your social calendar booked solid.


If you’re single, you may long to be in partnership, and might even compromise your ideals, preferring to be coupled up than to be alone. You’re also more likely to see the good in everyone, so you’re less critical of potential mates. If you’re in a relationship, this can be a sweet time for rekindling the romance and bringing out the best in each other.

Avoiding Conflict

You might go out of your way to avoid conflict or confrontation during this transit, smoothing over any differences of opinion to keep the peace, even if that means sacrificing your own needs or desires. You’re an excellent diplomat and negotiator, able to see both sides of a situation and find the common thread that brings people together.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects flow easily, as you’re able to work harmoniously with others and cooperate toward a shared goal. Justice and fairness are important to you now, and you do your best to create results that are a win for everyone involved. Just be sure that, in your quest for balance, you’re receiving as much as you’re giving.

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