Venus in Taurus

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Venus in Taurus: March 4th – April 3rd


Under the influence of Venus in Taurus, and depending on how this transit affects your birth chart, you could find yourself indulging in the sensual side of life. You’re likely to take your time expressing warmth and affection toward your sweetie, and will likewise revel in receiving physical contact.

Sweet Tooth

You may crave sweets and sugar during this transit.


You love your creature comforts, and are willing to pay for those little luxuries that sweeten your everyday experience. Even if your budget is tight, you’ve got a knack for making a little go a long way, and can be quite resourceful.

Quality over Quantity

Quality is more important than quantity, and you approach possessions and people as long-term investments. Material security is a priority, and you can make solid progress in building up your savings account — if you temper your tendency toward indulgence.

Lasting Commitment

During this transit, your magnetism is strong, and potential suitors could be irresistibly drawn to you. But you’re not likely to jump into any romance too impulsively — you’ve got high standards, and are looking for a lasting commitment.

Loyalty and Stability

Loyalty and stability are important to you now, and you might find socializing with a few close friends more satisfying than casting a wide net.


You may find your artistic side wanting to come out under this influence, and creative projects with practical applications could be especially appealing. You have a special gift when it comes to decorating your home, revamping your wardrobe, and creating culinary delights.

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