Venus Moves Direct in Pisces

Kelli Fox
Venus Moves Direct in Pisces

Venus Moves Direct in Pisces: April 15th

Love planet Venus has been retrograde since March 4th. It turned retrograde in Aries and then moved backwards into Pisces on April 2nd. Finally, out romantic plans can finally begin to move forward.

Incurable Romantic

Under the influence of Venus in Pisces, and depending on where this ingress transits through your birth chart, you could be an incurable romantic. You might be prone to fantasy when it comes to love, seeing the god or goddess in everyone you meet, and thinking that you’ve met your dream partner. Practicality and discrimination go out the window, and you’re willing to sacrifice it all for your ideal love.

No Boundaries

Boundaries become more fluid, and it’s harder to tell where you end and your beloved begins. In fact, you probably won’t care, as you long to merge into ecstatic oneness. You might have a tendency to lose yourself in relationship-land, and could be quite hedonistic.

Get Real

Illusion and disillusion are the downsides of this dreamy transit. Be sure to get a reality check from a more objective third party before making any long-term commitments.


Imagination soars and artistic expression can be highly rewarding now, especially music, painting, film and poetry. Creativity can be an excellent outlet for your desire to escape from the daily grind.

Heightened Sensitivities

Your sensitivities are heightened, and you might find that being in some environments or around certain people is simply intolerable. Pay attention to your intuitive responses, and take care of yourself by withdrawing from any situation or relationship that feels toxic, even if you can’t come up with a logical explanation for how you feel.

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