Venus in Aries

Kelli Fox
Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries: April 28 – June 6

A Bold and Exciting Love Life

While Venus is in Aries, and depending on how this influence affects your birth chart, your love life could be quite exciting! You might find yourself being bolder than usual, taking risks and acting on your ardent impulses. Romance can be steamy and you’re open to experimentation — just watch out for getting carried away by your passions and be sure to take care of yourself.


If you’re single, this is an ideal transit for initiating new relationships, and you’ve got the confidence to go after what you want. Of course, what you want could change from moment to moment. The hunt might be what thrills you most right now, while the everyday work of relationship could feel stifling.

Break up Familiar Routines

If you’re in a partnership, break up familiar routines with an infusion of novelty — surprise your sweetie by taking him or her on an unexpected outing, wearing a sexy new outfit, or trying an innovative approach to lovemaking.

Assert your Independence

You might find yourself wanting to assert your independence now, and getting in touch with your own needs and desires, separate from your partner. Clinginess is a definite turn-off. Giving yourself space to explore your passions is a way to recharge the vitality in your relationship.

Impulse Spending

Be aware of the tendency toward impulse spending under this transit — you want what you want when you want it! A little patience and prudence could be in order.

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