Venus in Gemini

Kelli Fox

Venus in Gemini: April 3rd – August 7th. This is an extra long Venus cycle as it turns retrograde at nearly 22 degrees on May 12th. It will turn direct at 5 degrees on June 24th.

Active Social Life

While Venus visits Gemini, and depending on how this influence affects other planets in your natal chart, your social life could be very stimulating! You might find yourself connecting with a wide variety of friends, and enjoying an assortment of activities. Curiosity is high, and you’re eager to try new experiences and learn about different subjects.

Flirtatious and Fickle

In love, you’re quite flirtatious, and you could be accused of being fickle. Your affections are likely to shift unpredictably, as you get bored easily and find your mind wandering into the realm of romantic possibilities. You could also have a tendency toward more superficial relationships now, preferring to keep connections light and playful rather than delving into deep emotional territory. If you’re single, this could be a time when you enjoy dating more than one person, and find that different parts of your personality emerge depending on who you’re with.


Communication becomes more of a priority in relationship under this transit. You’re seeking a meeting of minds, and want to share intellectual interests with your partner. This can be a good time for talking through any issues in your partnership, and getting helpful new perspectives on your situation. You might also be drawn to studying up on the subject of love, reading relationship books or blogs, or taking a workshop.

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