Uranus turns Direct

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Uranus turns Direct: January 6th at 28 degrees Aries. Unpredictable Uranus turned retrograde on August 7th, 2018 at 2 degrees Taurus.

Uranus turning direct will trine Mercury and form a wide square to Pluto.

Sudden, Unpredictable Force

Uranus turns direct after being retrograde since August 7th. Uranus is often associated with rebellions and revolutions, earthquakes and volcanoes — anything that erupts with sudden, unpredictable force and changes life as we know it.

Unique Inventions

Uranus’s effects aren’t all disruptive; just most of them! This planet also rules original thought, unique inventions and improvements on tradition. Without its influence in our lives, we might never know the development of science, for example, or humanitarianism. Whether it happens in a constructive or a destructive way, Uranus promotes progress.


On a more personal basis, Uranus influences our senses of freedom and restriction. Depending on its placement in your chart, this planet can make you feel quite rebellious in the face of the various limitations of your life — your duties regarding work or family; the expectations that your parents and other people place on you; or even just the humdrum predictability of your day-to-day existence.

Unstable and Unpredictable Energy

With its unstable and unpredictable energy, Uranus moves to upset the balance of your daily life; to shake up your routine, to fly in the face of others’ expectations and so on.

Upsetting Occurrences

Uranus is the planet that encourages you to break out of your mold, to spread your wings and fly. It challenges the validity of the status quo and puts it to the test through dramatic, often upsetting occurrences. And like change itself, the influence of Uranus is essential, even if it can be traumatic in the moment!

Uranus in Aries

Under this influence our rebellious nature is quite strong. Globally, we may be very impatient and to want drastic changes right away without necessarily taking the time to think them through. Perhaps we may make impulsive decisions, or be affected by other people who do. The need for freedom is paramount. We may find ourselves not being able to tolerate any sort of restriction or regimentation. Perhaps reaction to such measures will be extreme. We may find our relationships to each other will be very open and free. With this influence, commitments are rare and detachment easy.

Uranus turning Direct trines Mercury

Our minds are strongly stimulated, and we grasp new concepts and are much more open than usual to innovative ideas. Intellectual pioneering pays off in spades. We may experience radical inspiration and find fresh insight by looking at an old pattern or idea in a new way. Provocative suggestions and unorthodox concepts crack open our perceptions, revealing layers of meaning we’ve never before considered. Mental pizzaz is ours for the taking, and this refreshing state of mind can lighten up a tense situation as well as deflect boredom. While we are prone to mental agility and original, brilliant breakthroughs, remember that thinking too far outside the box can alienate others. Try to keep ideas meaningful to mere earthlings. This is a good time to break out of our usual routines. We’ll find it not only very refreshing but also inspiring.

Uranus turning Direct forms a Wide Square to Pluto

Together, these two planets indicate major change at a deep and fundamental level. This energy is far bigger than any individual and can sweep up large numbers of people in its wake. Right now we are experiencing great stress and challenge to change as we lurch into the future, shocking and surprising matters from the past continually come to the surface. We are forced to look at our troubles including nuclear proliferation, population explosion, environmental destruction, species extinction and many other dark areas. This could potentially be a difficult and challenging time.


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  1. Susan Davis on January 6, 2019 at 3:48 am

    Well, this doesn’t look like a piece of cake and I would imagine it’s time for the seat belts guys! And somehow I feel things are going to be better! Gotta remember to stay as positive as possible!

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