Taurus Daily Horoscope

July 22nd, 2019

A project that's near and dear to your heart is finally ready to launch. Things could stand to be a little bit better -- and yet you're still hopeful. You've put in the time and effort, and all you have to do now is wait for the results to blossom. Don't worry if big things don't seem to happen right away. Give it another day. That way, you'll be in position when things really start to heat up.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: lazy

Keywords: act, just do it


July 23rd, 2019

Today should be serene, which is a relief if you were expecting another struggle. You've had some issues and challenges to overcome lately, and you've worked hard. You deserve to pat yourself on the back, but don't take this as an excuse to goof off. Make sure you keep your energy up, because there's work to be done. Once you've completed your to-do list, then you can kick back and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: high

Keywords: reactive, vigor


July 24th, 2019

You've proven yourself once again by employing shrewd strategies in your work or some other venture, which are sure to have positive outcomes soon. It might be another day before you feel the full benefits of your efforts, but that's okay. For now, it's enough to know that you've worked hard and set something in motion that is almost guaranteed success. But do keep an eye on how things progress. You might need to make a few adjustments along the way.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: strong

Keywords: activity, movement


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