Taurus Daily Horoscope

January 16th, 2021

Life could get pretty emotional today. For you, this is a very pleasant state to be in. You're already deeply in touch with your physical self, and now you're in touch with your feelings, too. You feel wonderfully integrated, and life is poignant in all its facets. Even if you're feeling a little melancholy, it's nice to indulge in life's bittersweet quality. This helps you to connect more truly with other people.

Intensity: %

Mood: funny

Keywords: hospitable, obliging


January 17th, 2021

Welcome to a dreamy day. You might be feeling romantic, or maybe just a little low-energy. Either way, this is a pleasant state of mind, since you love to relax! The current influence is perfect for spending time with someone you care about. They'll appreciate your steadfast, nurturing support. You'll appreciate the sense of deep soul-to-soul communication that grows in the silent spaces between you.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: valued

Keywords: cooperative, helpful


January 18th, 2021

There's no need for theatrics today, or for throwing your energy into projects that aren't going anywhere. Instead, let yourself off the hook and just be honest and dutiful. Maybe that's a little dull, but on the other hand, maybe you've had enough excitement for the moment. And admitting that just makes you human. Isn't it nice to get a breather every now and then? Enjoy this downtime, because life is sure to pick up the pace again soon.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: getting a jump

Keywords: work out, mental exercise


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