Sun in Libra

Kelli Fox

Sun in Libra: September 22nd – October 22nd

Harmony and Balance

Under the influence of the Sun in Libra, and depending on how this transit affects the planets in your natal chart, you may find yourself seeking harmony and balance. You’ll want to be around people who are peaceful and easy-going, and you might avoid making waves by arguing or engaging in any kind of conflict. Being in a harmonious environment is also important, and you could take steps to beautify your home or work space.

Too Much or Not Enough?

You might become aware of where the scales are out of balance, and what needs to be done to restore equilibrium. The balance between self and other, autonomy and interdependence, is especially important. Are you giving too much or not enough?

Collaborative Efforts

Socializing comes into the spotlight, and it’s easier to make new connections and bring people together. With your desire for beauty, you might be drawn to artistic and cultural events. You want people to like you, and you might find yourself adjusting your personality to be more pleasing. Collaborative efforts and team projects are auspicious — you can get more done, and have more fun, if you work together.

Diplomatic Yet Indecisive

You’re a natural diplomat during this time, able to see other people’s perspectives and to discover where the commonality is. The downside to seeing all points of view is that you might be indecisive, having a hard time finding out what you want and instead getting too caught up in everyone else’s opinions and ideas. Watch out for endlessly weighing your options and postponing taking action indefinitely.

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