Sun in Aries

Kelli Fox

Sun in Aries: March 19th – April 19th

Blazing Trails!

While the Sun transits Aries, and depending on where it lights up your natal chart, you’ve got an increased surge of passion, vitality and courage. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac — the fire-starter and pioneer who boldly blazes new territory.


The Aries Sun boosts your leadership potential and inspires new beginnings. Take the risk of jumping in head-first, trusting your excitement to guide you. You might not have much energy for following through on everything you started, but you can worry about that later!

Break-through Resistance

If you’ve been feeling stuck, the Sun in Aries can give you a push to break through resistance and just do it. Don’t wait until you’ve got the perfect plan — in the beginning, there are always many unknowns. Just take the first step and trust that the next step will become clear at the right time.

Get in Shape

Watch out for the Ram’s shadow — impatience, anger and selfishness. Tempers tend to shorten while the Sun is in Aries, and you might need to make an effort to be tactful and considerate of others’ feelings. Exercise can be helpful for blowing off excess steam. And if you’ve been wanting to get in shape, now is the perfect time!

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