Sun in Aries

Kelli Fox
Sun in Aries

Sun in Aries: March 20 – April 19


Under the influence of the Aries Sun and depending on where it transits in your natal chart, you have the potential to radiate leadership, passion and energy. At worst, you may find yourself or others self-absorbed, crass and abrupt. In reality, we’ll probably all fall somewhere in between; the question is, toward which end of the spectrum do you fall?

Courage and Fearlessness

Under this influence, no one will be able to fault you for lack of courage. You may fearlessly rush in where others tremble to go — perhaps out of curiosity, but more likely out of a need to be first.


During this period you may find yourself great at beginning things although you may not be so good at finishing them; and you could have several (if not many!) unfinished projects tucked away in your closet or garage. With all that energy, exercise will be a must as it really keeps the body working efficiently as well as giving an outlet for impatience and possibly anger.

In a Hurry

At this time, you could have a rather short temper, getting hot under the collar for little reason. You may find yourself always in a hurry, perhaps tending to speed along, inviting accidents, especially to the head. Be sure to wear a helmet to protect that vulnerable area of your body when you’re riding a bike or a motorcycle!


You’ll be creative and inspiring, with a youthful verve. You may find yourself being refreshingly honest, and say just what you think when the Sun is in Aries!

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