Sun in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

Sun in Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Different From Everyone Else

Under the influence of the Sun in Aquarius, and depending on how it interacts with the planets in your chart, you may find yourself wanting to be different from everyone else. While you might be drawn to social events and group activities, you’re not interested in fitting in, but in distinguishing yourself as an individual. You might be feeling rebellious, and longing to break free from old molds and others’ expectations.

The Future

Your attention turns toward the future — what’s your long-term vision? What are your hopes and wishes? Let yourself dream big, and be sure to attend events where you might meet people who can help you reach your goals.


Networking is favorable for these four weeks, and the synchronicity factor — chance meetings with the right person at the right time — is heightened.

Groups and Organizations

Getting involved in a group or organization that reflects your passions is another great way to make connections with helpful people. You could feel inspired to get involved in a volunteer project or humanitarian cause. Team projects, especially those that are working toward a higher ideal, are especially satisfying.

Technology and Innovation

Aquarius is the sign of technology and innovation, and this is a time when you can find creative solutions to old problems. Your mind is super-strong now, but you might have a tendency to get overly attached to your ideas and opinions. If you can stay mentally flexible and open to other points of view, you can make better progress than by thinking you have all the answers.

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