Solar Eclipse in Leo

Kelli Fox

Fulfilling Our Heart’s Desire

The third Solar Eclipse of 2018 happens on August 11th with the Sun at nearly 19 degrees Leo. Leo calls us to fulfill our heart’s desires and fully express who we are as individuals, without shame and without a second thought. We are to celebrate what makes us all special. The eclipse creates a sense of urgency to do this, though little with Leo feels urgent — more like dramatic. However, the focus of this eclipse is on the self, unlike the previous Solar Eclipse in Aquarius in February, when the focus is on everyone else and how we function as a group.

Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury Retrograde

This particular Solar Eclipse is conjunct Mercury Retrograde, giving it an interesting nuance. Usually, Mercury Retrograde frustrates communication and causes people to miscommunicate, misunderstand, or not be able to get their point across when speaking. With Mercury Retrograde conjunct the Solar Eclipse in Leo, people take miscommunication personally, as if being misunderstood or not believed is a rejection of who they are. Thus, we’re going to see people speak only when they think it’s advantageous and do so only when they have the spotlight, and only in indirect ways, perhaps in creative ways.

Solar Eclipse square Jupiter

Further adding to the flourish and need to be big is a square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter expands Scorpio, the sign of sex, intimacy, and secrets, such that taboos disappear and scandals break when secrets become so big they can’t be hidden anymore. It creates tension with the Solar Eclipse in Leo that wants to look its best. It could be a time of emperors who realize that they’re wearing no clothes.


A unique, rarer formation makes this Solar Eclipse all the more important. A yod, or “finger of God” is formed between Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, focusing the eclipse in Leo at the tip or the apex. Here, the energy of Neptune in Pisces, spirituality, and the desire for oneness with all, and of Pluto in Capricorn, transformation of power structures and that which stands the test of time, are both focused like a laser beam on the eclipse, giving it yet another dimension as the energies focus on celebrating the self. People are interested in getting others to like them, but also in how this is a powerful, universal feeling that, if understood, could change all humankind at the very core to become more godlike and pure.

I Celebrate Myself

In the Leonian poem Song of Myself, Walt Whitman began with “I celebrate myself, and sing myself/And what I assume you shall assume/For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” The Leo Solar Eclipse is a call and push to celebrate the very circumstance of being alive. 2018 is full of stops, stagnation, and frustration, but now, we’re stopping to enjoy what we have in this moment.

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