Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Kelli Fox

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: January 5th

This Solar Eclipse conjuncts Saturn and Pluto and sextiles Neptune.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse can only occur during a New Moon, when the Moon passes directly between the Earth and the Sun to create a ‘Moon sandwich’ effect that gives the visual illusion of an eclipse.

Evaluating Priorities

The influence of the Capricorn Solar Eclipse can help you evaluate the priorities in your life. At some point in the midst of all of our human endeavors, we may need to stop to consider our place in this world — what we have to contribute to society and where our path lies. Is your nine to five job really exemplifying who you are? Is the place of your employment really where you want to spend half of your waking hours? These maybe the types of questions you find yourself pondering as you wonder what the future holds for you under this influence.

Time for a Change

If you realize that you aren’t thrilled to get up in the morning, maybe it’s time for a change. It’s important to give consideration to your work and your work environment. You might need only a very simple fix such as transferring within the company you already work for. Or, it may take some elbow grease to find your fulfilling livelihood. The first step is to look at various possibilities and make a long term plan. Don’t be afraid to try something completely different. Once you have decided, then doors will open up for you. At the very least, keep your eyes open to all that is available out there.

Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn

Self-discipline and ambition are peaking; hard work now pays off in spades — later. People aren’t in the mood for frivolity; there’s too much to do! Individual responsibility is key. We’re more focused now than usual, self-managing and ready to tackle mundane tasks that we ordinarily avoid. No one wants to squander energy, so just about everyone will make it a point to work hard and do a good job. Working by ourselves is more effective than trying to work with others. Business meetings are fine, though, because we’re able to articulate goals and formulate a plan and time frame for achieving them, one step at a time. The results of today’s labor will be practical, high-quality and long-lasting. Serious consideration leads to profound realizations. Focus on staying grounded and aware. We may feel pessimistic or cynical today, but we shouldn’t permit ourselves to look exclusively at the dark side.

Solar Eclipse conjunct Pluto

Complex power issues crackle in the air as long-hidden secrets and other information bubble to the surface. Right now, our focus and passions are much more laser-like than usual. We go for the burn, but if we’re too dogmatic, forceful or stubborn, we can easily burn out. It’s so tempting to look around with a critical eye and see what everyone else is doing wrong, but remember, a person can only change themselves, no one else. Our desire to improve something will be strong, but this energy can be used in a positive way by focusing it inwardly rather than allowing ourselves to focus it unconsciously on others. We’ll fearlessly look inside today and will be willing to tackle ugly jobs. We’re not afraid of getting dirty, either, so we can dig right in on a major cleanup, whether on an external or internal plane. People in power may seem even more domineering than usual, yet to some, such power is very sexy and charismatic. Avoid obsessiveness today.

Solar Eclipse sextile Neptune

There is a current of soft, spiritual energy in the air. Folks find themselves in a dreamy, sensitive and compassionate mood. This can be a very romantic or even spiritual time; we’re attuned much more to dreams and visions than to our everyday version of reality. Don’t expect focus or concentration from anyone; instead, go with the flow and take advantage of this radiant, soothing, healing energy by listening to music or viewing art or cinema. Creative expression, meditation and any type of spiritual practice are also wonderful ways to nurture our souls at this time. We feel more connected to our fellow humans and to the nonphysical side of life. We can achieve a Buddha-like serenity this week by staying calm, breathing deeply and being reverent. Selfless compassion is also favorable now.

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