Solar Eclipse

Kelli Fox

Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 0 degrees on June 20th

Who Are Our People

Specifically, this Eclipse in Cancer makes us confront our ideas of who are our people, whether that’s our family of origin, our ethnicity, or nationality. We’re called to evaluate who has earned our care, and thus who among them do we swear our protection and give our love.  

Melting Pots or Homogenity

The eclipse will make an exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, creating a dire, all-or-nothing compulsion to either build or destroy. Particularly, this is about power supremacy, and creating last order and authority communities. Is who we come from more important, or we aspire to be? Melting pots or homogenity? Some of the affects we may see are shifts in attitude toward others, particularly in the desire to “purify” groups or create alliances based on traditional criteria, depending on what that means to the individual. Permanent rifts and alienation but also reunions and agreements to disagree for the sake of the family or community may happen.

Finding Common Ground

The good news is that the eclipse will trine Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces and widely trine to Jupiter at 13 degrees Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio is instinctive, draws people in, evaluating them on the quality of their character, while Neptune in Pisces dissolves borders and boundaries, seeking universal oneness. However, Neptune in Pisces sees what it wants to see and is highly nostalgic (as is the Solar Eclipse in Cancer) which may cause people to seek to relive a time that never existed even in modern times, however irrelevant or impossible. However, Jupiter is open-minded even in intense Scorpio, and seeks to find common ground.

Is Blood Thicker Than Water

You may have heard the phrase “blood is thicker than water,” but the full quote actually is “the blood of covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” On a personal level, this eclipse calls you to consider who shares your proverbial blood, who supports the adult you are and the success of the world you consider to be the “correct” one.


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