Scorpio Daily Horoscope

February 21st, 2018

It feels good to put in hard effort on a project or long hours at the office today. Your energy is steady, and you're capable of accomplishing a lot. Making money is especially satisfying now, because it brings a sense of stability. In fact, if any area of your finances is on shaky ground, it's a very good day for sitting down and making a practical plan for the future.

Intensity: 87%

Mood: potential

Keywords: pay to play, recruit


February 22nd, 2018

Do your best today to understand viewpoints that differ from your own. There's a strong tendency now to cling to your own perspective, which can lead to narrow-mindedness. Tap instead into your strong compassionate streak. Instead of assuming you know what someone else thinks or feels and why, ask them about their thoughts. You'll find you can challenge your own assumptions and expand your mind if you just stay open to surprises.

Intensity: 87%

Mood: engagement

Keywords: potential, in your lap


February 23rd, 2018

Put your deepest feelings into words today, whether in conversation, in an email or a blog, or simply in your private journal. You're feeling the urge to communicate, just like a lot of people right now. But don't be surprised if other people have a hard time listening. Lots of folks are easily distracted now. It's not that they aren't interested in your self-expression, it's that they're too busy expressing themselves!

Intensity: 69%

Mood: naughty

Keywords: tense, inconsistent


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