Saturn turns Direct

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Saturn turns Direct in Capricorn at 2 degrees on September 6. Saturn has been retrograde since April 17

Responsibility, Restriction, and Karma

Saturn entered Capricorn on December 29, 2017. Saturn, the natural ruler of Capricorn, is the planet of responsibility, restriction, and karma. Saturn will stay in Capricorn until 2020.

Strengthens and Solidifies

Saturn restricts, disciplines, and wears away. It doesn’t obliterate, like Pluto, or suddenly, like Uranus. Saturn erodes over time. Saturn isn’t necessarily a destroyer, though. It also strengthens and solidifies whatever passes its test. Saturn is a teacher. It’s not the cool teacher, giving out As to everyone (Jupiter). Saturn makes you learn and earn.

Achieving Real, Practical Goals

The sign of Capricorn is determined, ambitious, hard working, and practical. Saturn in Capricorn is a leader, but it leads by example. Everything it has is useful and earned. During this transit, we may see a global return to focusing on achieving real, practical goals.

Here’s what we can expect from Saturn in Capricorn:

Religious and political fanaticism rose under Saturn in Sagittarius. People became aware of other cultures but not necessarily more accepting of them. However, Capricorn admires the practical over the philosophical. We may be more careful to examine and preserve our own culture.


Saturn in Capricorn is concerned with it’s own people. It may bring about a desire for a stronger border. It doesn’t worry about what the neighbors do (unless they’re making more money). It may mean a more “live and let live” attitude, as Saturn in Capricorn isn’t what others think or feel if it doesn’t directly affect it.

Wise and Experienced

Populism may decline. We will want our rulers to be wise and experienced. On the downside, we could see a rise in oligarchy, or the rule of the wealthiest. Saturn in Capricorn admires wealth and social rank, not equality.

Experience and Maturity

We may return to honoring our elders and accepting aging as normal. Capricorn likes the ageless, like the way people organize themselves into social groups or hierarchies. Humans still relate to each other as we did in the Stone Age. People skills are developed through experience and maturity. Instead of dreading old age, we embrace it.


Capricorn is traditional, and Saturn likes the things that stand the test of time, and even more so if they save time or money. We may see a return to traditional pursuits that seem new, such as permaculture, or cooking dinner from scratch. On that note, even if fossil fuels make money in the short-term, Saturn in Capricorn focuses on long-term gains. Saturn in Capricorn is frugal, and preserving nature is a frugal pursuit. We may see a rise in alternative energy.

Lasting Value

Overall, we may see a three-year arc of refocusing our efforts towards preserving what we have and improving on what’s nearer to us to make it last.

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