Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius

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Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius: April 5th – August 25th

Energies at Odds

Saturn is not well placed in Sagittarius. These two energies are fundamentally at odds with one another, with Saturn’s emphasis on restriction and responsibility against the freedom-loving, expansive, restless vibe of Sagittarius.

World Affairs

Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017. Between now and December 2017, we’re likely to see an increasing focus on the world affairs governed by Sagittarius, such as religion, publishing and higher education.

Fundamentalists and Extremists

With Saturn in Sagittarius, religions of all kinds will face increasing scrutiny from the state. Moderate religious leaders will be called upon to reign in and address the fundamentalists and extremists within their own faith, and the public will increasingly call for religious regulation and oversight of some kind.

Tradition Versus Fringe Movements

However, Saturn energies are very traditionalist, so the power of mainstream religions may be strengthened. This balance between supporting traditions while restricting fringe movements is a key battleground for the coming years.

Higher Education

As Saturn moves through Sagittarius, we may also find that access to higher education becomes more limited. We may begin to move away from the notion that higher education should be accessible to all, and to re-embrace the idea that the majority of the population does not need or require it.

Entrepreneurs and Pioneers

Of course, this will prove a highly controversial idea – although higher education access was much less widespread in the past, the public do not generally take kindly to the turning back of the clock. Cost will be given as a key factor in these kinds of decisions, but at the same time, Saturn in Sagittarius will support those who branch out on their own, turning their backs on formal education to become entrepreneurs and pioneers through their own efforts.

Publishing and the Media

Sagittarius has strong associations with publishing and the media, but when Saturn transits this sign we often see the freedom of the press brought into question in some way. The media is near impossible to control in this digital age, but it looks as though that won’t stop some quarters from trying. However, Sagittarian energies always seek to redress the balance of justice, and any attempts to limit press freedom are likely to be fought with vigor.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

On a more positive note, Saturn brings structure and discipline as well as restriction, and during the Saturn in Sagittarius transit we are likely to see this in new scientific advancements. Eco-friendly transportation and environmental solutions of all kinds will get the funding and the focus they need in the coming years, and we can expect large leaps forward in this area.

Freedom Versus Restriction

The period to late 2017 looks set, therefore, to be a complex one, with the underlying themes of freedom versus restriction appearing right across the global and political arena.

Saturn Retrograde and the Saturn Cycle

Saturn is thought of as the taskmaster planet because of its stern and sometimes guilt-inspiring influence in our lives. Whereas Venus and Jupiter make life easier and more fun, Saturn keeps you in check, reminding you that all play and no work would leave you both homeless and penniless!

Parental Figure

If you relate to the feeling that you’re not working hard enough in life, that’s probably Saturn’s influence in your chart. This planet operates kind of like a parental figure, one that can be a little too severe at times. After all, there is certainly a time and place to be carefree; to forget your responsibilities and just enjoy yourself. But Saturn will look on disapprovingly until you return to your duties.


Its influence can feel very restrictive, and you may feel rebellious in response to its limiting effects. But Saturn also serves an important purpose: keeping you on track in life, moving toward your karmic destiny.


Saturn is all about karma. It’s the planet with a conscience, the one that reminds you, even when you don’t want to hear it, that everything you do has a cumulative effect on your soul. What kind of mark do you want to make on the world, and how do you want to be remembered? Saturn urges you to take these questions seriously, buckle down and get to work.

Saturn Rules…

Saturn rules the conscientious signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Saturn’s Cycle

Saturn, the planet of boundaries and life lessons, is retrograde about thirty-six percent of the time. When it’s retrograde, Saturn shines its baleful, beautiful yellowish light on us all night long.

Saturn Retrograde as a Positive Thing?

Saturn already has the reputation of being a downer. How could four-and-a-half months of Saturn Retrograde possibly be a positive thing? Well, easily. Instead of getting more serious, folks back off a little bit. It’s a time to take a little breather from the usual breakneck pace that most people keep these days. Don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of work done; it’s not like Saturn changes personality during this period. It’s just that the sense of urgency and anxiety relaxes somewhat. Doesn’t that sound like a relief?

Reorganize Your Priorities

Sometimes old tasks come back to haunt you during Saturn Retrograde. If so, you’ll have to reorganize your priorities and keep your perspective. What’s important to do now, and what can wait? Let others, especially those in authority, know about the changes. Reduce your expectations somewhat. Don’t cave in altogether, though; that won’t make Saturn happy!

Plan for Projects

This is not a good time to break away and start something new, but it’s a fine time to plan for the projects you’ll begin when this planet goes direct again. Take the time to do things right on the first attempt.

Authority Issues

Watch for authority issues — another domain of Saturn. As always, Saturn wants us to develop patience. It’s good for the soul!

More About Saturn

Saturn is a gaseous planet that happens to be very buoyant, because it is primarily composed of extremely light gases. Saturn could float in a galaxy-sized ocean, whereas all the other planets would either sink or disintegrate. Saturn’s interior is hot, and it radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun. Saturn has twenty-one moons, but it’s best known for its beautiful rings, which are clearly visible with a telescope. Saturn takes twenty-eight to twenty-nine years to orbit around the Sun, although a day on Saturn last only ten-and-a-half hours.

Saturn Retrograde

From Earth’s perspective, Saturn appears retrograde about 40% of the time — almost half the year! During the retrograde period, internal discipline and structure are the focus. Restriction can mark the passing of Saturn’s retrograde motion over a sensitive spot on the natal chart — areas that require concentrated effort to correct. When retrograde, Saturn is visible for much of the night, and is at its brightest.

Saturn Return

Saturn is the outermost visible planet in our solar system, and has long been related to limits, boundaries, restrictions, time and reality. Saturn’s return to its natal position every twenty-eight to twenty-nine years indicates the beginning of the cycle of adulthood as Saturn begins its journey around one’s chart for a second time. The second Saturn Return occurs at ages fifty-six to fifty-eight, and is a time for reflection on the previous cycle of accomplishments and preparation for Saturn’s third and final journey, the age of wisdom.

Are You Having a Saturn Return?

If you’re experiencing the infamous ‘Saturn Return’ this year — a fancy way of saying that Saturn has traveled its roughly twenty-nine-year cycle around the zodiac, returning to where it was when you were born. Many people regard this special time with dread, but there’s actually nothing to be afraid of, especially if you’re on the right track in life.


If this is your first time going through this profound influence, you’re at the portal of real, true adulthood. You may make a dramatic change in a bid to become closer to the person you really want to be: You might change jobs, move across the country, get married or divorced, or have a baby. This is Saturn Return at work!

The Past Determines the Future

Your past actions are now determining your future course, one way or the other. If this is your second Saturn Return, other issues arise. Decades of work are now behind you, and the care you’ve given your body and yourself will determine your health and energy level now. You may be retiring from your job, or considering how you can contribute or give back to your community. At any age, Saturn Return is a time of deep consideration about yourself and your unique contribution to the world.

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  1. eve on April 7, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Hello! so in my birth chart, Saturn is in Retrograde already AND its in Sagittarius. I’m also reaching / going through my first return (I turn 29 in July) what kind of energies should I expect? do I just reverse everything in this post when I apply it to myself?

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