Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

May 25th, 2018

You love knowing life is full of possibility and opportunity, and today is brimming with potential. How will you tap into it? You've got many options, and the only trouble here might be choosing among them. When in doubt, go with the choice that involves close friends and a team effort. The current energy is best used by working with other people toward a common goal that means a lot to you.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: sociable

Keywords: cultivated, mannerly


May 26th, 2018

It takes an act of will for you to stop exaggerating, doesn't it? It's not that you aren't honest. it's that you love to entertain other people! Today, keeping everyone laughing and tuned in seems especially important, because everyone seems strangely out of sorts. Still, tell the story truthfully. Things are confusing enough right now without embellishments and half-truths. You can feel free to enlarge your thrilling story later, but today, stick to the truth. It'll help you get through to people more effectively.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: divine

Keywords: keen, single-pointed


May 27th, 2018

You're in a friendly relationship with the universe. Sure, there are a few subtle mysteries out there, but unseen things needn't be hostile now. You know perfectly well that something odd is going on beneath the surface -- maybe one of your relationships seems trickier than usual, or perhaps your friends aren't getting along and won't say why. Whatever it is, do what you can to reach a two-day understanding with the people involved. The way things are right now, it's best to get along if you possibly can. You can sort out the awkward stuff later.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: old-fashioned

Keywords: healer, creative


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