Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

May 27th, 2017

Try to keep your natural sense of humor about you today. Otherwise, you'll get caught up in emotional dramas that make you feel very uncomfortable. It may seem as if everyone is being overly dramatic, but you're having some insecure feelings, yourself, and they're making you act in uncharacteristic ways. Maybe if you focus on the root of the issue -- what's worrying you -- you'll feel more in control of things.

Intensity: 69%

Mood: anxious

Keywords: gloomy, glum


May 28th, 2017

Where's your sense of humor today? Maybe it's buried under a landslide of troublesome worry and emotion. If you're feeling a bit insecure or blue, don't be too concerned. Other people are dealing with their own emotional dramas now, too, so don't take their words or tones of voice personally. On days like this, it's important to cut people plenty of slack, including yourself. Be gentle, on purpose.

Intensity: 69%

Mood: tidy

Keywords: doleful, downhearted


May 29th, 2017

Today brings energy, movement, learning and teaching. A friendship or love affair could blossom or move to an exciting new level. You'll explore these inner realms with zest and vigor. Enjoy being both the master and the student. This heady mixture of giving and receiving feels absolutely wonderful now, but be mindful of the first impression you make on others. Tact is still appreciated, even in moments of great passion. After all, a hearty appetite shouldn't eclipse good manners.

Intensity: 63%

Mood: witty

Keywords: certainty, conviction


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