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Venus trine Uranus

Shaking it up

Kelli Fox

Your personality is unique and a little out of the ordinary, and these are the traits you look for in a lover. You don't want some cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill, traditional relationship; you want something strange and exciting with someone who will hold your interest for longer than a minute! You're truly gifted when it comes to helping other people embrace their individuality.

You serve as an example to your friends and lovers in your one-of-a-kind, spontaneous approach to life and love. You're rarely attracted to the same type of person twice; if you look at all the people you've been involved with or had crushes on in the past, you'll probably see that all they have in common is their very uniqueness! You're a creative lover, as well as an unconventional date. Instead of dinner and a movie, you prefer something fast-paced and thrilling; going bungee jumping, maybe, or dancing the night away at a salsa club would be more your style than anything more sedate and expected. And if you feel the sudden urge to plant a kiss on your potential sweetie's mouth, you'll probably do it -- as much to surprise your honey as to follow the bliss of your momentary urge!

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