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Venus trine South Node

Looking forward to love

Kelli Fox

Regardless of your actual, direct experience of love thus far, you have a tender and optimistic feeling about it. You know that it will happen for you at the right place and time, and you'll be there to greet it warmly when it comes around. This sense of optimism, of looking forward to your loving future, is a great gift when it comes to the search for love, because you're operating from such a great foundation.

Whether it's happened naturally or through trial and error, now you know the importance of charm and tenderness in finding a mate, and you know how to put your best self forward when you're out on a date or at a party. You're not one to stay home, waiting for love to come knocking on your door; while you might not be an aggressive go-getter in the dating game, exactly, you still recognize that it takes some mingling to make things happen. For this reason, you should accept all invitations that come your way, even unexpected ones. Do pay attention to your gut reactions to people, of course; your strength in love, after all, is your ability to follow both your optimism and your intuition toward that wonderful love you've been seeking.

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