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Venus trine Saturn

Quiet devotion

Kelli Fox

You express your affections for your sweetie in a quiet way, but a way that is real and devoted. When you're in love, you'll do anything for your honey. You're tremendously devoted to your loved ones in general, friends, family and romantic partners alike.

It may take you awhile to get to the point where you really trust someone enough to open up to them romantically, but once you do, you'll put everything you have into the relationship. Now, that being said, you're not one to go overboard in love; you'll commit yourself completely to a lover, but you wouldn't go down with a sinking ship. You know enough to leave a relationship that isn't working out, even if it breaks your heart. But you don't tend to be attracted to unstable people in the first place, so if you get to the point of commitment with someone, it has a great chance of working out long-term. You serve as the rock in your love affairs -- the stable, loyal rock that your lover comes to for strength and comfort. You're grounded and you help to ground your sweetie. You treat them well, with sensitivity and respect, and you expect the same kind of treatment in return.

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