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Venus trine Pluto

Love defines you

Kelli Fox

Your love affairs, past and future, are integrally related to the person you are today and the person you'll become. Love is full of lessons that you'll learn at a bone-deep level. You have a hard time with casual affairs, because love and sex are both such powerful experiences for you.

In love, you'll do anything for your honey -- and anything for the experience that you crave, that will overwhelm you and hold you irrevocably in its sway. You're so intense in love, in fact, that you can almost scare your sweetie sometimes! But this very intensity is one of your most compelling qualities to your admirers. They know almost instinctively upon meeting you that, if they get involved with you, they're in for the ride of their lives! And you rarely fail to deliver. You're an incredibly exciting, sexy lover, one who won't let your sweetie play games with you or be anything less than completely raw, honest and intense. You have incredible powers of perception, which is another gift that you bring to your relationships -- and another that may make your lover uncomfortable, even as they appreciate being understood in a deeper way than they've ever experienced before.

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