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Venus trine Neptune

Such tender love

Kelli Fox

In romance, you lead with your heart. That may seem obvious, but not everyone experiences love the way you do -- with such openness and sensitivity, such joy and compassion, or such vulnerability. While other people try to build up walls around their hearts, you're trying to open yours, to experience things even more fully and sweetly.

You may believe in destiny, in true love, in fate bringing you together with your sweetie. For that reason, you also lead with your gut; you believe that you'll know it, the moment that you meet the person you're destined to love for the rest of your life. And that may be true. At any rate, such romanticism heightens the sweetness of your love affairs! Just make sure that you don't naively buy into someone's line that's less than heartfelt. As loving and compassionate as you are, you have to make sure that you surround yourself only with people who deserve such tender goodwill -- in short, people who are as spiritually attuned, as loving and generous as you are. Sometimes you can be a little too tolerant of mistreatment, in the name of being sweet and letting your sweetie off the hook.

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