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Venus trine Mars

Warm, social and popular

Kelli Fox

You're a warm and social person, popular and well-liked, and relationships generally come easily to you. You know how to treat people well, how to make them feel special and well cared for. Your social skills are smooth and romantic; you can meet someone at a crowded party and make them feel like they're the only other person in the room!

You're a master at the art of relationship, and of love. You're rarely single, purely because you have so many admirers who are constantly calling you up, sending you emails, asking you out... You get along well with your lovers and rarely hit a bump in the relationship, since you tend to see their good qualities and ignore their flaws. Your lovers are able to relax and unwind with you, because they don't feel negatively judged; they know you'll accept them with warm and open arms. The only thing to watch out for with this aspect is that you don't just fall into relationships by default. You're so easygoing and friendly that everyone wants to get to know you, and your most aggressive admirer may be the lucky one who ends up with you -- even if you might have preferred someone else.

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