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Venus trine Jupiter

Lucky in love

Kelli Fox

You're one of those lucky people who seems charmed in the game of love. Even your romantic setbacks don't get you down. You take a philosophical and optimistic view of matters of the heart; even when a relationship has just ended and you're alone again, you know you probably won't stay that way for long.

And if you do, you'll still be happy; you've got plenty of friends to entertain you, and you're able to find interest and entertainment wherever you go. You also project this happy confidence everywhere you go, and people are drawn to you, wanting a little of that positive energy to rub off on them. You make a really fun date, because you have such an appetite for life -- for great food and wine, for having a wonderful time, whatever the cost. Sometimes you can overdo it, but because of your unique ability to pick yourself right up and dust yourself off, your overindulgences aren't usually too much of a problem. They just make life that much more fun for you and your date! You also prize honesty, so no matter how much fun you might have with dating around, you'll always be straightforward with your potential sweeties, and treat them with respect.

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