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Venus trine Juno

Creating a lasting love

Kelli Fox

You're not one to lie back and let your lover make all the effort in your relationship. For you, love is essential to happiness, and you recognize that making it last is one thing; making it work for both of you, long-term, in a satisfying way, is yet another. You're attracted to a lover who is every bit as charming as you are, and who takes as much pride in their appearance as you do.

For you, it's understood: Part of love is showing your partner respect, which includes keeping yourself up and always being your charming, flirtatious self -- even if you've been together fifty years and counting! Trust and physical affection are also biggies for you; you love to cuddle, and while you won't put things harshly to your sweetie -- you recognize the value of sugarcoating things from time to time, in order to maintain harmony -- you're committed to honesty and loyalty. And you expect the same from your partner. If anyone has a chance at finding and maintaining a long-term love, it's you, because you're ready, willing and able to put in the effort in order to make that happen. Your reward? A love as sensual, affectionate and fun as you can make it!

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