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Venus square Saturn

Fear of rejection

Kelli Fox

Fear of rejection is a big issue for you in love, and it's a Catch-22 type of problem -- the more you worry about being rejected, the more you read it into just about anything, even when your sweetie isn't rejecting you at all. Also, your fear of rejection makes you hold back in love when you would really benefit from being more spontaneous, optimistic and aggressive. Instead of spontaneity and optimism, you tend toward possessiveness, pessimism and control.

For you, love can be a really trying experience instead of an uplifting, enlightening one. Maybe you watched your parents go through a loveless union, or maybe you've had enough bad experiences of your own not to feel open and trusting with a lover. But whatever the source might be, you really have a hard time letting loose and making yourself vulnerable. You might think that controlling your lover with anger, criticism or possessiveness is better than your own vulnerability, but only when you learn to trust your sweetie -- and to be attracted to trustworthy types in the first place -- will you really evolve as an open, loving person.

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