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Venus square Pluto

Forcing love

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time controlling your desires in love affairs. You feel held completely in the sway of your body and emotions; you feel as if they have power over you, and they compel you to do and say things that you sometimes later regret. Your experience of love is nothing if not intense; you've experienced all the highs that the emotion has to offer, and definitely all the lows.

Your yearning for love is intense; you may even feel as if you've never been satisfied, not completely. As a result, you put your needs onto other people and try to force them to deal with them. You're possessive of your lovers and manipulative of their emotions in a bid to force them to express what you want them to. But what you want, deep down, is undying devotion, and that may not be possible. Possessiveness can be compelling to your sweetie, but it can also make them want to pull away from you, just to assert their independence. The only type of person who might be able to devote themselves to you in the way that you desire is someone like you -- and that would be a really combustible relationship! Allowing your lover some space and independence may be essential to your romantic future.

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