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Venus square Neptune

Commit to reality

Kelli Fox

Your idealism about love leads to disillusionment every time, and your bruised, disappointed feelings may push you to build walls around your heart. You have a hard time getting close with people because you're afraid of being hurt -- or maybe you just know that the reality of the affair will pale in comparison to your fantasy. You prefer to daydream about love instead of actually pursuing it in any real or effective way, because in your dreams, you can create your very own, personal Dream Lover -- someone you'll never meet in real life.

When it comes to real love, you may mislead not only yourself, but your sweetie. You might pretend to feel ways that you don't, or tell them you love them while holding a part of yourself separate, to avoid being hurt later on down the line. You're vulnerable to lovers who want to deceive you -- lying to you about their feelings or their intentions, or telling you you're the only one even while they're telling some other lover the very same thing. This kind of heartbreak can only serve to push you further into your fantasies, unless you make a conscious decision to accept reality as it is, and seek a lover with whom you can be honest and real.

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