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Venus square Mars

Innate passion

Kelli Fox

You put a huge amount of energy into your love life. You're focused on romance; it fuels your creativity and is a driving force in your life. Your relationships aren't all smooth, either; you may go through some intense ups and downs before finding that special person who can satisfy you on a romantic level.

You have an intensely passionate nature, which makes it really hard to feel satisfied for long in a love affair. You're impulsive in love; you jump in heart-first, and though you're completely head-over-heels one minute, you might be intensely angry the next. But the tension you experience in your love life can actually keep your blood moving and your creativity constantly thriving. After all, if you're constantly seeking, never quite satisfied, you'll also never grow complacent. It's rare that you'll let a relationship stagnate; if things start to grow dull, you'll think of some sort of monkey wrench to throw into the mix, just to stir things up! Your admirers find you difficult, sexy, exciting and sometimes a little too much to handle. Some balance would be nice, if only to give yourself and your lover a break from time to time; but at least you know how to keep things interesting.

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