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Venus square Jupiter

Overly self-indulgent

Kelli Fox

Your love life might be like a roller coaster -- you're flying high and feeling exhilarating one minute, and the next, without warning, you're down in the depths, feeling sick to your stomach and wishing you'd never indulged in the first place. You adore the pleasures of love, and you jump into new relationships with your whole heart (and body, and wallet), without thinking about the consequences first. You may get into trouble by dating around indiscriminately, making each of your dates feel like they're the only one -- which isn't any fun for them or for you when the truth comes out.

Beyond hurting other people's feelings, you can wear yourself out with your romantic antics. From the outside it may look like you're living it up and having the time of your life, but on the inside you feel worn out sometimes, empty and unexcited about the future. Overindulging in pleasure is like eating too much ice cream; after a while it no longer fills the void inside, and becomes meaningless. Taking a much more moderate approach to love and entertainment is your challenge in this life, as well as learning to treat your lovers as well as they deserve.

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