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Venus sextile Uranus

Embracing your inner oddball

Kelli Fox

You're not one to frown on dates with unusual people or odd, spontaneous expressions of love. You don't tend to be judgmental; you love it when people let their freak flags fly! You have a real taste for excitement, spontaneity and anything unusual or unexpected in love, so you've been attracted to all different kinds of people in the past.

Your attitude is, Hey, I'll try anything once; after all, it's all interesting stuff to add to your list of life experiences! In your relationships, you may act almost as your sweetie's counselor, because you love helping people to break out of their shell, blast through their inhibitions and embrace the individual that they are. For this reason, you may have been through a lot of relationships in your past, none of which stuck for long; it's almost as if you entered these people's lives to help them find a new way of living and loving, and once you had an influence and your job was done, you moved on. This is fine, especially for your lovers, but sooner or later, you're going to want to settle down with someone special for the long term. When you do, it will be with someone as sweet, unique, spontaneous, creative and caring as you are.

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