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Venus sextile South Node

Socializing leads to love

Kelli Fox

Whatever you want to happen in your life in terms of love and intimacy, you can create it through optimism and determination. You're very attractive; your admirers find you to be sweet and charming, with a magnetic personality that draws them in like moths to a flame. So why not put that to good use?

You know what you want in love; you've been through some experiences in your past that have shown you what's important and what isn't. It's up to you, though, to put it all to use. You could sit back and wait for love to come knocking on your door, but what fun would that be? Instead, you should get out there and spread the wealth of your friendliness and charm! When you do find a love that lasts, your sweetie will really appreciate how tenderly you treat them and how affectionate and supportive you are. You love serving as the soft shoulder for your honey to lean on, and you can't wait to find your special someone so you can start treating them right. But in the meantime, have some fun. Get out there; go to parties and on dates. You're a social person who shouldn't just stay home all the time, and getting out and mingling will help lead you to your sweetheart.

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