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Venus sextile Pluto

A lot to handle

Kelli Fox

You may have noticed that, through the course of your love life, you have seemed either to be utterly compelling to your admirers, or to simultaneously attract them and turn them off in an odd way. The latter is probably due to the fact that your intensity actually frightens some people, because you can come on very strong when it comes to sex, attraction and love. When you're in love, you throw your whole self into the experience, and you give of yourself completely.

For you, love is a total-body experience of passion, surrender and power all at once. You expect the same from your lover, and if they're not willing to give of themselves as completely as you do, well, you have other ways of drawing them out of their shell! You have a strong sense of human nature, the inner workings that make people tick. For this reason, you're particularly adept at reading your sweetie. You can tell what their inner motivations are, and how they're feeling, even if they're trying to keep their true emotions from you. Just make sure that you let them explain themselves to you in their own time, instead of pushing them to open up. Some people respond better to patience than to coercion.

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