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Venus sextile North Node

A sense of well-being

Kelli Fox

If you have a sense of well-being when you think about the possibilities of love, pay attention to it, and believe in it. You're one of those people that may be 'lucky in love' -- if not now, then in the future. You've got a real sense of timing with potential sweeties, which is really just an openness, a sweetness, a willingness to grab hold of opportunities as they come your way.

If someone attractive and friendly asks you out, you'll say yes, even if you weren't expecting the invitation, because you know that exploring your options is an important part of finding that special someone. You're very socially graceful, too, so you tend to attract a lot of admirers. You put out a friendly vibe, and what's more, you want to please people. You like the feeling of making someone laugh or giving them a shoulder to lean on. Part of your future luck in love will happen once you find that special person who warms your heart and appreciates all your great qualities; you'll find that, when you settle down, the love you've created will have something like a ripple effect. The rest of your life will be enhanced by the love you share with your honey.

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