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Venus sextile Neptune

Adjusting to their needs

Kelli Fox

You make a really sweet, accepting and forgiving partner in love. You tend to look for the good in people instead of focusing on their flaws. Sometimes you can mislead yourself as to the reality of a love affair, but in general, your emphasis on the positive is a benefit to your life and your relationships.

You make your honey feel comfortable and relaxed; you really let them know that they don't have to pretend to be perfect. They know you'll still love them even if they're flawed -- which they are, of course, since everyone is. You're very sympathetic to their insecurities and other issues, and your compassion puts them at ease. You're also very creative, and you have a wonderful way of incorporating fantasy and romance into your love life. Candles and flowers enhance the romantic mood for you, as do murmured sweet nothings and soft caresses shared with your sweetie. There is a word of caution in order, however: Make sure that your honey deserves the TLC you heap all over them. You have no problem with adjusting to make room for someone else in your life, so just be sure that you're not letting yourself get walked all over.

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