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Venus sextile Mars

The whole package

Kelli Fox

When you're looking for love, you look for the whole package -- an intellectual connection as well as a warm, affectionate heart; a shared sense of humor, similar values and so on. These are all the traits that you have to offer, and the ones you look for in someone else. Though you have an incredibly warm and loving disposition, you're not one to jump impulsively into a love affair.

You can wait until the right person comes along, and then you'll give them everything you have to offer. You're capable of enormous devotion and passion, but you won't often let it overtake your good judgment. If a relationship isn't going well and it's clear that it won't improve, you'll regretfully cut your losses. After all, you know there are plenty more fish in the sea. For someone like you, relationships come easily; you have a good sense of yourself and your own gifts, and of what you're looking for in a lover. And you're warm and friendly, sociable and expressive -- all the qualities that draw love into your life. You know how to charm someone and how to put them at ease. And in a relationship, you know how to deal with your lover that keeps them feeling comfortable and well-loved.

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