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Venus sextile Juno

Devoted to love

Kelli Fox

Active expression of your love for your partner is very important to you. Regardless of whatever other influences to the contrary that you may live under, it is important to you to have an open flow of love, communication and attraction with your sweetie, because for you, love is one of the ultimate experiences of life. You are capable of incredible devotion to your sweetie, and even more than that, you know how to keep the love alive.

It's not enough for you just to make a commitment and then settle back into a lifelong, comfortable affair; you're attuned to attraction and desire as well, and you'll work hard to keep those influences fresh and satisfying for you and your honey. You also aren't one to 'let yourself go' once you get into a comfortable, loving relationship; if anything, being in love makes you pay even more attention to your health and appearance, because you want to make a great impression on your sweetie every time they see you. You're one of those people who will be leaving little surprise love notes under your honey's pillow when you're both old and gray! You'll always make that effort, so make sure you commit yourself to someone who's just as devoted.

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