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Venus retrograde

Wait for what you want

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time with silly, meaningless pursuits like small talk on a date or flirtation at the grocery checkout counter. While other people seem to derive a lot of pleasure out of interactions like these, for you, they're annoying time-fillers, and there are a lot of other, deeper matters you'd prefer to talk about. This sense of yours -- that flirting, coyness, murmured sweet nothings and so on are basically a waste of time -- may have set you apart in the dating scene, because what is dating if not a coquettish dance of attraction that's basically surface-level?

But you know there's something deeper and more important than that -- you can just feel it. And if you don't mind waiting (and probably going through periods of loneliness and celibacy as a result), you'll find the love you're looking for, with someone as serious and deeply focused as you are. When that happens, you can skip all the small talk and the meaningless flirtation and get to the good stuff, the important matters underneath: Who are you, how do you see the world and what are you all about? But until then, you could be rather lonely and alone.

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  1. Kathleen on August 13, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Spot on as always Kelli.

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