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Venus opposite Uranus

A lack of balance

Kelli Fox

You fall in love fast, in a blaze of passion; and then, all that sensation dies out as quickly as it erupted. You might swing back and forth between two extremes in love, one minute incredibly attracted to your honey and passionate about your involvement with them, but the next minute, incredibly remote in your feelings. You can go lightning-fast from heated passion to icy indifference -- so fast that it even throws you off, not to mention your lover.

And you're so enmeshed in the polarity of your emotions that you might even convince yourself that you've fallen out of love, even though five minutes ago, you were burning with it... And therein lies one of your main challenges in love: learning how to be more consistent in your affections and in your response to your honey. It's no fun for them or for you to constantly go up and down like a seesaw; some consistency would be really nice. But establishing balance in your love life is going to take more than just a stern talking-to. You're going to have to peruse your emotions and figure out why you're so afraid of commitment, and why relationships make you fear the loss of your freedom.

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