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Venus opposite South Node

Finding love through tenderness

Kelli Fox

You're looking for love based on a foundation of kindness. Whatever might have happened to you in past love affairs, you've come out of it with your sweetness intact. Even if you've had your heart broken, or watched your parents or someone else close to you go through a painful, less than loving relationship, those experiences have only firmed up your own determination to create a loving relationship that lasts.

And you know that the way to make that happen is to get out there -- to go to parties, accept invitations for dates and get-togethers, and mingle with people. Staying home isn't going to do the trick, and neither is standing in the corner at a party, arms crossed over your chest and a 'Don't approach me' expression on your face. You associate love with tenderness, and you bring that feeling to your relationships. You make a very supportive lover, one your sweetie knows they can trust. You tend to be the 'emotional one' in your relationships, and you're fine with that role; you're the safe harbor for your honey to come home to. You're attuned to their needs and feelings, and you like to do what it takes to make them feel well-loved and cared for.

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