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Venus opposite Saturn

You deserve love

Kelli Fox

You crave intimacy, but you just don't know how to make it happen. Looking back over your past romantic experiences, it may look like one bad decision after another; you left good relationships, stayed in bad ones for too long and never quite figured out how to make love happen in a natural, spontaneous and satisfying way. It might be that you've never had a good model of functional, stable love in your life, but whatever the reason, the experience of love is, for you, a complicated and even painful one.

Your tendency is to get involved with people who criticize you and try to control your feelings and actions. A little help from your friends might be helpful; when your closest pals have reservations about the new person you're getting involved with, heed their misgivings. Your friends won't always be right, but they're more objective about your relationships than you are, and they want to help you head off romantic disaster before it occurs. Another method is to try to be less scared of failure. Making mistakes in love is okay, as long as you can learn from them, sooner or later. Remember that you deserve to be loved, thoroughly and unconditionally.

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