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Venus opposite North Node

Your heart's unique path

Kelli Fox

You tend to get involved with lovers that seem familiar to you from the start. And while that's certainly a comfortable feeling for both of you, it's not necessarily the best way to develop your own individuality. So far, you've been too impressionable in love; often, you'll follow your honey's idea of the way the relationship should be instead of exploring your own true feelings and urges.

This happens in part because you base a lot of your values in love on the past. Perhaps your first love still lives in your imagination as an ideal to try endlessly to recreate, or maybe you look at the love your parents or grandparents shared, and feel inspired to create that bond in your own life. But while ideals are wonderful, they don't really speak to the reality of who you are now, as a unique person. You may find that, when it comes right down to it, the traditions on which you base your ideals in love don't really work for the real you. Who knows where your life is going to lead you, or in what unlikely places you'll find emotional satisfaction? There's only one way to find out, and it will mean moving forward boldly instead of staying stuck in the past.

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