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Venus opposite Neptune

Unrealistic fantasies

Kelli Fox

You've gone through the same setbacks in love as other people -- lies, even little ones, that broke down your trust; disappointments that made you build walls around your heart. But while other people might maintain their optimism and try to learn lessons from their past experiences, you've taken things a bit harder and more personally. You now have a lasting feeling of distrust in love.

You're suspicious of people even before you know them well, and sometimes you create bad situations almost out of thin air. Suspicion is no fun for anyone, and putting out that vibe to someone new and special may hurt their feelings, or put them on the defense. Why should they work to gain your trust when you distrust them from the very start, before even giving them a chance to prove themselves? Your standards are a little too high; because of negative past experiences, you've developed a fantasy of what you're looking for in love that just isn't realistic. Having ideals in love that you work to attain is one thing, but trying to make reality live up to a fantasy you've created in your mind and heart is just a recipe for disappointment.

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