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Venus opposite Mars

Overwhelming passion

Kelli Fox

Your love affairs tend to be explosive and highly passionate. You're not one to wait long before getting physical with someone new and hot; you're impulsive in the game of love, and that means you jump into new relationships with all the passion and zeal inside you. But sometimes, you jump first and don't consider the repercussions until later, when it's already too late.

For this reason, you may have a string of intense but short affairs behind you, and while you yearn for a love that will last, you're actually okay with all the ups and downs. At least it's exciting! A humdrum experience in love would be almost worse than being single -- almost. If given the choice, you'd rather be involved in something intense, passionate, even troubled, than in something dull and predictable. You thrive on the energy of love, and certainly of sex; and you tend to get worked up about relationships. You have a hard time staying cool when your heart is at stake, but because you lack some amount of self-control as well as perspective, you may make the same mistakes again and again instead of changing your ways, slowing your pace and doing things differently the next time.

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