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Venus opposite Jupiter

Learn to be discriminating

Kelli Fox

Your love life may be full, but that doesn't always mean it's satisfying. Even a team of admirers knocking on your door (or filling up your email Inbox) may not satisfy the romantic craving inside you. For one thing, you're not very discriminating about who you date.

You have a hard time saying no -- to anyone or anything -- so you'll often go out with whoever propositions you, regardless of whether or not you feel a real connection with them. You're used to people approaching you, so when you find someone that you're genuinely attracted to, you may not know how to let them know how you feel, or that you hope to get to know them better. You're attracted to people who can teach you something about life and love, but if you don't learn to be more discriminating in who you date, you might end up with people who are no smarter or more experienced than you are! If you want to find someone special to love, you'll have to learn how to treat them as if they truly are special; but you also have to realize how special you are. You don't need someone else to teach you things or make you feel worthy; you already have everything you need, inside.

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