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Venus opposite Juno

Finding a balance in love

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time making love last, even though you want it to -- you even yearn for it. But every time you get into a relationship that even nears commitment, either you or they misbehave, and suddenly, it doesn't seem worth the trouble anymore. Why is it that you can't seem to make it happen?

Something in the way you treat your lovers makes commitment impossible, even though you certainly don't mean it to be that way. You just want to give and receive affection and kindness, but it never seems to stay that simple. Part of the problem is that, without realizing it, you tend to be selfish in your love affairs. You have so many needs and desires waiting to be filled that you get pretty insistent about them, and you might completely ignore your sweetie in your drive to have your own needs met. Another of your misbehaviors that tends to preclude a lasting commitment is possessiveness; you may cling to your lover too tightly, trying to control their every move -- and making them just want to get away. You'll have to bring your actions more closely in line with your desire for love if you want to make it last long-term.

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