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Venus in Taurus

Truly romantic

Kelli Fox

You're an incredibly romantic and demonstrative lover. You adore the sighs and caresses of lovemaking almost more than the act itself; you love making your sweetie feel cherished, head to toe. You're all about the sweet, sensual approach to affection, and foreplay is definitely one of your strengths!

Foot rubs, flowers, poems, chocolates -- you'll pull out all the stops to woo your heart's desire. And you don't lack in persistence, either. You're perfectly willing to take the slow, steady, long-term approach if that's what it takes to crumble your lover's walls and get to the sweet stuff within. This approach works especially well for you because your heart is true, as is your devotion. You don't fall in and out of love fast; you take your time at it, enjoying every step of the way. So when you say 'I love you,' you mean it. When you say 'I'll always be there for you,' you're serious. And you let your honey know that, in no uncertain terms. Your only flaw in love, in fact, may be that you can go overboard with the affection and the declarations of love! Make sure that you don't smother your sweetie with all your loving intentions, and you'll create a love that's steady and true.

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